Our College aims at the integral formation of prospective teachers

to empower student-teachers to become responsible citizens

and agents of social transformation

Our vision is to develop the institution into a renowned center learning and knowledge. We also wish to make the useful citizens as an useful of the society contributing to their share, to the growth, welfare, and progress of Mother India. We also wish to shape the students with patriotism in their blood. We also propose to provide the best scope and opportunity to the students who involve themselves in the educational research and bring out the best in their effort.


The mission of our institution is provide the students with state of the art , techniques in teaching and learning and to equip them to function as dedicated teachers with a sense of world brotherhood. We also wish to provide right atmosphere and ambience for the teaching learning process and their by to contribute to the technological advancement of the country.


  • To promote love, purity and service
  • To eliminate ignorance and illiteracy
  • To impart education among rural students
  • To develop National spirit and enhance universal brother hood
  • To make a Eco-friendly students.
  • To develop Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)
  • To strengthen the research and development cell